In the dirt throwing, hair pulling, below the belt punching sandbox that is the eve online universe, there is the small region called Molden Heath.  Within this region are based many tyrannical forces.  Attempting to extort fees to mine and mission run in peace from those too weak to stand up and fight against injustice.  They are wolves that prey upon the unsuspecting sheep that wander into their areas of operations.

At the head of this force of evil doers are the fleets of an alliance that goes by the name Capital Punishment.  Using titan bridges and Intel from their pet pirates to bring dominating forces to the field whenever possible, they are a force to be reckoned with. Working with their various allied corporations they have no problem swelling their numbers whenever the fight looks too even for their cowardly ways.

There is resistance though.  Based on a highsec island lives the Broken Chains alliance.  With the courage to fight against piracy and the wisdom to pick their fights wisely they roam the Molden Heath region looking for pirates to kill and engagements to be had.

The following story is about fighting the good fight…


“Hey Karde lets go poke the bear!” says Robinton Jax with his typical enthusiasm for the destruction of good ships.  Sadly, often enough it’s our own ships.

“Hold on buddy let’s see who we have available.” SI Karde suggests.  “Why don’t you toss up a fleet advert, I bet I can get Ophelia in the Blackbird and I know I got a Rupture sitting around here somewhere.  Let’s see who else will join.”

Once Robinton does just that and the minutes tick by, the fleet slowly takes shape.  With five cruisers and one of them being in a Blackbird, what the fleet lacks in heavy tanking ships it makes up for in sensor jamming.   If the enemy can’t put their full power on anyone in our fleet our options open up greatly.

“Once everyone’s ready, jump to Horaka and rally on me” says Robinton Jax with obvious excitement in his voice.

Within moments our fleet is rallied at a safe spot in the Horaka system.  We have Xtrac do’gring, Hiddenblade, SI Karde and Robinton Jax in the Minmatar combat cruiser of choice the Rupture and Ophelia Mayfair in her Caldari combat support ship the Blackbird.

The command is called for everyone to align to the Illamur star gate.  “SI Karde I want you running point position and providing Intel.” Robinton says.  “You are in charge until we join the fight SI, so call it as you will”.

The suddenly eager voice of SI Karde broadcasts over our Com’s.  “Roger Rob I’m on it.  I am warping to Illamur star gate and jumping on contact.”

As everyone in our fleet knows our fleet etiquette our voice communications go quiet.  The fleet commander and the forward scout should be the only one talking so as to make sure no communication goes unheard.

After a brief pause for the jump time Karde Reports in. “Illamur all clear, I am warping to Atlar and will jump on contact.”

“Roger Si, everyone Jump and warp to Atlar, hold on gate and orbit it, do not jump through.”

As everyone waits for the next forward report the mind starts to wonder.  Are we going to lose our ships today?  Might we take an express route back to a clone, and did I remember to update it so I remember what I did the last two weeks?

There is a faint hiss from our Com’s and then.  “Karde here, I’ve got five in local besides myself. One is a potential hostile, but the rest look friendly.   Hostile is sleeping in a station most likely. My directional scan is clear. Please advise.”

 “Alright SI, please warp ahead to Oddelulf and jump on contact.  Rest of the fleet jump Atlar and warp Oddelulf. Hold on gate and orbit”

After several moments of silence “Karde here, Oddelulf system has myself and two hostiles.  I have a Minmatar assault frigate on directional scan.  Re-approaching gate and watching my scanner”

“Alright fleet, we’re going to hold here and see if Karde can stir up some trouble.  Keep orbiting and keep frosty. “

As confirmations of orders pass through the fleet text channel the basic reports of traveling non hostiles continue to flow.  The local reports of both systems stay the same for several minutes until someone decides to try to be sneaky.

“Fleet, this is Karde here.  I have combat scanner probes on directional scan. Shortening my scan range to see how close these are.” By shortening the scan range you are able to see how close they are to having you locked down at one hundred percent and able to warp to you.” Rob, they are almost right on me. I’m going to warp to a tactical off this gate and see if I can get them to engage me out here. Please hold fleet”

“Roger SI. Call us when you need us” The fleet commander responds with a cool calm, obviously hiding his excitement at the very idea of pounding some pirates.

As the seconds tick by the forward scout continues updating his directional scan and keeps a wary eye on local. Playing bait can be fun or nerve racking depending on the situation. Knowing the system’s ahead of our fleet and who hangs out in those systems makes being bait here a little more risky. The key is to get the fight you want and not stick around long enough for your enemy to bring in a force that will be overwhelming.

Finally the moment comes that everyone’s been waiting for. “I have an incoming hostile Assault ship, Dave Lash in an Enyo. I am engaging please hold.”

With a little more excitement in his voice our fleet commander replies “Confirmed SI, It’s your call. Fleet is ready to jump on your command” Again the confirmed replies come through fleet text.

“Command I have this target pinned down. We have a slight local spike of hostiles.” After a slight pause of voice chatter,” I have the faction cruiser on directional scan, Stabber fleet issue. Everyone jump and warp to me, I repeat warp to me. Primary is Dave Lash, Secondary is Silver Chair in the Stabber fleet issue.  Lock down that Stabber and keep him here. “

The fleet jumps into system in beautiful synchronization that only well trained groups seem to manage. The Ruptures warp to SI Karde at zero, the blackbird warping in at range of 80 kilometers because of its long range of its sensor jamming suite.

In a matter of moments the Enyo explodes “Primary is now Silver Chair in the Stabber fleet issue, I have him pointed and webbed but he is still pulling away.” Robinton Jax informs us.

“Roger that Robinton, all targets are pulling range. Shall we disengage and call it a good fight?

“Confirmed, fleet align Gelfiven gate. Is anyone still pointed?

As the fleet reports an all around negative the fleet commander warps us out of the engagement zone and there is a round of good fights posted in local chat. With no loss’s and a nice Assault ship kill that costs more than several of our ruptures we’re in a pretty good place for the rest of our roam. After several moments of debate we jump to the Gelfiven solar system and dock up for much needed repairs.

Still fairly adrenalized from the engagement SI Karde asks “So Rob, are we still planning on poking the bear?”

“Well of course SI. Fleet once you are all repaired, undock and warp to the Teonusude star gate, jump on contact, and align to Bosena. “

As soon as our fleet is rallied and aligned the fleet commander calls out.”SI, go do your thing. Everyone else warp to Bosena star gate and hold.”

“Confirmed Rob, I am jumping on contact into Bosena. Hold for my report” After several moments pause.  “We’re all going to die”

“Alright SI what do we have over there? I need a bit more Intel than that.”

“Sorry commander I have twenty two in local and almost all of them are hostiles. The gates clear and I only have one battlecruiser on directional scan. “

“Confirmed SI, please warp to a tactical off of the Heild gate and tell me what you see. Xtract please jump and re approach gate to provide eyes.”

After warping across Bosena “I had nothing on directional scan and this gate is clear, orders?”

The fleet commander gives the order. “Fleet jump into Bosena and align to Heild”.

As the fleets entering the system, Xtract breaks in. “Incoming, I have 3 battlecruisers incoming, Tornado, Hurricane and Brutix.”

“Fleet warp to Heild Fleet, warp to Hield! Call out if you are pointed by the enemy.” As the fleet attempts to warp away from an engagement the fleet commander obviously does not want, Robinton Jax comes over our Com’s.  “Oh crap I’m pointed. I’m going to try to re-approach the gate.  SI you have command of the fleet.

“Confirmed Rob, I have command of the fleet.  I’m jumping into Hield.  Keep me updated. I have gate clear on both sides and am warping to a safe.  Fleet, enter Heild and warp to me.   I say warp to SI Karde. Call out if you run into trouble. “

As the moments tick by and the majority of the fleet is at a safe spot, we sit and continue directional scanning for combat probes. Heild has about half as many hostiles as Bosena right this moment but combined they could be sending us running rather quickly. Finally the report comes from Robinton.

“Well I lost my Rupture and am jumping into a spare I have in Teonosude. I am going to try to rejoin you as soon as possible. They will have left the gate because of gate gun fire so it should be clear”

“Roger Rob we are holding for you. We have twelve in system that are mostly hostile.  I have nothing on our directional scan as of yet. “

“Confirmed I am warping through Bosena and approaching the Heild gate which is clear.  Move the fleet into Aedald.  Let’s try to play with them off a smaller jump gate.  Ophelia get to a tactical and be ready. “

Again the confirmations come though and we setup in the Aedald solar system. The odds of winning a fight with as many hostiles possibly working together are not in our favor but we are looking for a good fight either way.

“I am on the Heild side of the Aedald gate now and I have incoming.  I’m going to yellow box them and try to get them to shoot.  See if we can split them up on either side of the gate a bit.  As the seconds tick by the fleet waits for the next report.  “I have Silver Chair in that Stabber fleet issue jumping through to you and I’m being engaged on this side and jumping through. Get the Stabber, Silver Chair in the Stabber fleet issue is your primary!”

Karde pipes in.  “Everyone overheat your points. Let’s not let this guy get away again.”

As Silver Chair comes out of gate cloak we get several chiming in that they have him pointed and webbed.  Robinton yells out.  “We kill him he pays for our fleet.  Everything is a cherry on top after him.”

After a few moments of pounding on the Stabber fleet issue cruiser our local starts to spike. The numbers are in their favor but we notice some are neutrals, just possibly here to watch the fight or hope we engage them so we incur the wrath of the gate guns.  Our fleet commander knows this and keeps us focused on our primary targets.  Besides the first ship to come through we also have four battlecruisers we can fire on without incurring the wrath of the lowsec gate guns, the Gallente Talos and three Minmatar Hurricanes.  Our leader knowing the likely fleet commander of the hostile fleet and the setup of our blackbird pilot immediately calls Altaen in one of the Hurricanes our secondary.

The Stabber Fleet issue goes down rather rapidly and our commander orders us to switch secondary to primary and put the Talos as secondary.

SI Karde chimes in.  “Talos pointed and webbed, he is not going anywhere.  “ Knowing how fast those ships can move and how much damage they can put out making the Talos sit still to be killed next is key to ending this quickly.

Shortly after that report Hiddenblade comes across fleet text as he’s warping out in his pod and going to a safe spot in system.  The enemy fleet has claimed their first victim and we’re just about to claim our second.  As Altean finally goes down we once again switch primarys.  This time to Ale Rico in his talos and the fleet commander chooses Brandobas as our secondary.

With the weak tank of the Talos it goes down fast but just before it pops Xtract do’gring calls out that his Rupture is destroyed and he’s warping to safety.

After a moment Robinton speaks up. ”What do you say Karde?  I’m thinking we’re way ahead and we should keep going.”

“I’m behind you Rob. Let’s keep going. “

As we focus on our primary we make one mistake finally.  We don’t spread points and one of the Hurricanes is able to escape.  It takes a little while but our last battlecruiser left on the field falls before us and we’re able to leave the engagement zone.  As it happens the ones we killed were grabbing new ships and we got out of there just in time.  Now we use Xtract in his pod to scout us to Egbinger solar system for repairs and a breather while Hiddenblade goes back to home base to reship and wait for orders.

While we wait in the Egbinger solar system, Robinton congratulates us all and when able to talk over the maniacal laughing of SI Karde we all do some much deserved back slapping and plot out our next route.  Xtract do’gring has reshipped in system to a jaguar and Hiddenblade has made it through the route we came in through in a destroyer.  From his reports we obviously can’t go the way we came in so we decide on going around the back side of Molden Heath hoping we can run into some Capital Punishment since all these reds share the same Intel channels.

Once we’re all gathered at the station the fleet commander has us undock and warp to the Aeditide star gate.  This time Robinton decides he will be our forward scout for a little change of pace.

Once we land on gate he jumps in and reports all clear so we follow into Aeditide and align for the Weld star gate on his orders.  Once we’re all aligned he warps us to the Weld gate and again jumps ahead.  “We have one red in System.  He’s Capital Punishment so we’ll be in their Intel in a moment. Everyone jump into Weld and warp to the Klingt gate, hold on gate and orbit. “

As the fleet warps behind him Robinton jumps into Klingt, after a moment he speaks up. “I have a handful in local and a Hurricane on directional scan so everyone just hold and orbit that gate. Let’s see what happens”

After a moment of silence again he comes back with.  “The hurricane is landing on gate.  I’m going to engage and try to push him through. He is only yellow boxing me and is hugging the gate.  Wait I am getting more on D scan.  I have three more Hurricanes on directional scan and a Talos.  I am going to try to disengage and come back to you.  Karde you have that side of the gate until I can join you “

“Order confirmed Robinton, good luck.  We are on standby on this side of gate.”

“I’m going down fast here.  Wait I have just seen the Talos jump gate.  I will be warping to a safe as soon as I explode here.  Fight or flee it’s up to you Karde”

“Roger Rob, We’re going to try to get the Talos.  We can all die and we’ll come ahead if we get him.  Ok guys primary is Razor Z in the Talos.  Let’s get him.”

The Talos pilot lets us wait some time in the hopes of having some backup but once his gate cloak timer runs out we all have immediate points on him and he’s not going anywhere.  SI Karde gives the order to overheat guns and we start ripping through him.

Just as the Talos goes into hull the hostile’s hurricanes start jumping into system and spreading points.  Another primary is called by Karde but by now it’s a foregone conclusion… Ophelia doesn’t have the jammers to cover more than two of the Hurricanes and our only real damage is going down fast.  The call is given to get out if at all possible and we make our exits with more good fights posted in local.  The Talos that we just popped covered everything that we lost through our entire roam.

At the end of this roam that took us almost the full circle of the region known as Molden Heath we managed to get three excellent fights while only losing four Ruptures, a Thrasher and a Blackbird.  To put our loss’s in perspective we’ve just lost about 90 million ISK in ships and modules.

What we destroyed was far grander. We destroyed an assault ship, a faction cruiser, two battle cruisers and two T3 battlecruisers for a grand total of well over 500mil in ISK. A common theme in this wonderful universe called EVE is that the bigger and better ships will often win the fight.  We know that can often be true but more often than not a good command team running a fleet and picking the ground you fight on can be just as beneficial.  By flying around in these smaller ships often seen as weak and inferior a small group can often get the fights that our local hostiles would otherwise avoid.

Our alliance as a whole knows we are outnumbered and outgunned vastly in our area of operations.  We use our Intel and tactics to pick the battles we are likely to come ahead in.  By not trolling in local as others will we don’t bring ourselves to the level of the typical pirates we are facing and are not goaded into battles we cannot win.

We are the members of Broken Chains Alliance.  We chose to operate under strict anti piracy rules. Anyone can follow the easy path and become a pirate.  We choose to be the brave few.