About Arcane Odyssey


We are Arcane Odyssey, a group of players in the MMORPG sandbox of EVE Online. In EVE we band together as corporations and alliances. This site is for our corporation.

Arcane Odyssey is a group of like minded gamers in the online universe of EVE Online. We are a growing corporation that believes in quality over quantity and forming bonds within our corporation and the alliance’s we make. We are anti pirate/troll and operate under a strict code of conduct.

With funding from mining, mission running and exploration we have built up and continue to amass our fleets. Based in the Molden Heath Region with ventures into the Great Wildlands our options continue to expand and multiply.  

Formed by old gamers for old gamers. We are an adult oriented group of players who believe in no smack talk, no drama.

Everyone must obey EVE EULA and conduct themselves as members of a friendly corporation. Anyone caught breaking the EULA will be expelled from the corporation forthwith. Smack talk, griefing and trolls are also unwelcome.

The CEO and Directors must always have a members functioning custom API key. If you change your key often or do not update us you will be suspected of rule breaking and removed from the corporation. ( A mail will be sent with required API setup upon request )


Channel AO Diplo is our recruiting and diplomat channel in game. Join it for any inquires you may have pertaining our corporation. 

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